Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Boatload of Hot Fuzz Action

More lovely and exciting Hot Fuzz updates. Some of it might be seen as spoiler material, so give up now if you're worried about such things.

Firstly, a few bits of information about what roles some of the actors will be taking.

Apparently, Timothy Dalton is playing the manager of a supermarket and Edward Woodward is playing a local neighbourhood watchman. Jim Broadbent is a member of the police force in Sandford, the small town where most of the action goes down - and seemingly the father of Nick Frost's character! Apparently, Martin Freeman, Steve Coogan and Bill Nighy have pretty small roles, perhaps even cameo small.

More details in this longer list of cast and character names:

Nicholas Angel - Simon Pegg
P.C. Danny Butterman - Nick Frost
Simon Skinner - Timothy Dalton
Frank Butterman - Jim Broadbent
D.S. Andy Wainwright - Paddy Considine
D.C. Andy Cartwright - Rafe Spall
P.C. Tony Fisher - Mark Heap
P.C. Doris Thatcher - Olivia Colman
P.C. Bob Walker - Karl Johnson
Desk Sergeant - Bill Bailey
Tom Weaver - Edward Woodward
Joyce Cooper - Billie Whitelaw
Dr. Hatcher - Stuart Wilson
Rev. Shooter - Paul Freeman
James Reaper - Kenneth Cranham
Roy Porter - Peter Wight
Mary Porter - Julia Deakin
Leslie Tiller - Annie Reid
Eve Draper - Lucy Punch
George Merchant - Ron Cook
Arthur Webley - David Bradley
Annette Roper - Patricia Franklin
Met. Police Inspector - Steve Coogan
Met. Police Inspector - Martin Freeman

On the Frostitution messageboard, a poster noted that Shaun of the Dead's music supervisor was called Nick Angel - the same name as Pegg's character in Hot Fuzz. This either means that Edgar and Simon are borrowing the name, or, maybe, that Nick Angel was an alias for one or the other of them, ala Roderick Jaynes. Anybody out there really called Danny Butterman? E-mail me now and we'll start a Dave Gorman style collection.

I've still not been able to find anybody who has the entire script to share, or has even read the entire script, but one lucky fella tells me that he's seen "some pages". What's more, he's read the entire script of Neil LaBute's The Wicker Man remake and claims that both scripts play a few similar games, twisting scenes and riffing on ideas from the original Wicker Man movie in comparable ways.

That news might have just driven geek stock in the LaBute film up a few percent.

Hot Fuzz is out, in the UK at least, next February. For more on the film, use the link in the right hand column.

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Marky Mark Without His Funky Bunch said...

When I first read the original plot description for HOT FUZZ over at IMDB, the first thing that popped into my head was "hmm, sounds a bit like THE WICKER MAN". Hell, there's worse films to homage.