Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Choose Your Own Adventure Gets A Final Destination Makeover

According to Time Out, the upcoming Final Destination 3 DVD will include an interactive feature that enables viewers to steer the plot. Of course, the your input's effect will be severely limited, so don't expect too much of a hike in narrative quality just through punching the odd button.

Multiple choice questions will lead to branching plotlines, incorporating 25 minutes of footage not seen in the plain old vanilla version. The examples given are "Map or no map?" and "Should Wendy take another look?", but so memorable was Final Destinaton 3, I honestly have no recollection as to which scenes these options relate to just a few short weeks after seeing the film.

This is yet another example of filmmakers and studios trying to turn movies into carnival attractions, and just like the last big rush to do this in the 1950s, it will all come to nothing much in the end. When video games and movies meet in the middle, it will be through video games growth from exposure to film technique and not the other way around.

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