Thursday, April 20, 2006

Digg It

I've started playing with a website called Digg. The page is a votes-based news and links list. Users submit stories, and other people can then decide to click the button and "digg" them if they liked the story, found it informative, were thankful for the link or just clicking on things.

From here on out, there's going to be a link over there, in the right hand links and archive column, that will take you straight to "my" page at Digg. There, you'll see links to any stories I have "dugg". Surf about and you'll fund other stories, "dugg" by other folk.

Almost everything I do "digg", of course, I'm going to post about here, but you can help other people find the items by clicking over to my Digg page and hitting the "diggs" button on the stories you like.

If you get a Digg account yourself, please do submit links to anything you see and like here on Film Ick. Getting dugg is a good thing.

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