Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Further Spider-Man 3 Details

Let me flesh out the Spider-Man 3 second (third?) unit details a little.

The sequence being filmed in Cleveland this week involves Spider-Man hanging onto the back of an armoured car with his webbing. He finds himself having to swerve and avoid cars as he is dragged through speeding traffic. One angle was filmed with Spidey on a towed platform, while the reverse angle of this peered right into the back of the armoured car and was filmed by a camera mounted on a motorbike, weaving across from one lane to the next. Seems to me that Spider-Man is at once trying to keep a hold on the armoured car, but also to stop it taking out every other piece of traffic on the street. The stunt Spidey is absent from several shots, though he will be added to many of them with cg.

In the plot, the drivers of the armoured car are having some trouble driving because they're getting sand in their eyes. The granulated from of The Sandman is seeping in from above, pouring around them, as he tries to pull of a hi-jacking.

During filming yesterday, one stunt car hit an extra's car, causing minor damage. The bigger disaster came when one car rigged to be hit by the armoured car moved just a little too much in the wrong direction and smashed one of the three cameras on the camera truck.

In a fake, stunty, magic-of the-movies way, the armoured car has caused damage to multiple taxi cabs, one good truck, a handful of parked cars and the ever fraying nerves of pedestrian extras quite close to the collision course.

The scene comes quite late in the first act of the film, before Peter Parker wears the black outfit, and most likely details his first costumed encounter with The Sandman. Aint It Cool had pictures, but never fully put the pieces of the puzzle together. I will be on set again before shooting is over, and if there's anything else to report, I will report it.

Spider-Man 3 (the best film of 2007?) is only just over a year away.

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