Monday, April 03, 2006

Halle Berry And Bruce Willis On The Set Of James Foley's Perfect Stranger

James Foley directed Glengarry Glen Ross (good), Confidence (okay) and Fear (all over the place). His films are generally about as good or bad as the scripts they are based on. On that basis, Perfect Stranger isn't likely to be amongst his best - not from what little I've heard, anyway.

In the film, Halle Berry's (cop?) character is carrying out an undercover investigation by meeting guys online then hooking up with them in the real world - which sounds a little Sea of Love, don't you think? Unfortunately for an amazing percentage of this page's readers, she didn't go all "method" and prepare by web-dating potential psychos in real life.

A number of on-set pictures were spotted on the Robots Will Eat Your Soul blog.

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