Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Is It Funny Because It's True? Or Is It Just Made Up, Misogynist Claptrap?

Variety tell us that New Line are going full steam ahead with Save The Date, a creepy-sounding romantic comedy from a spec script by Jared Bush. The film's premise revolves around a very successful woman "who has planned every detail of her wedding, from the date, menu, kind of flowers, music and location -- even though she lacks a groom."

Of course, she then finds her target and tries to ensnare him without his ever finding out that she had the whole set-up plotted out in advance.

I'm not naming any names, but this is spookily like something that happened to a friend. Thankfully, the real bride wasn't quite as obsessive as the fictional character sounds, but it still wasn't right, she did a bad, bad thing, and I don't know if I'll be able to laugh at it.

I think New Line might just be biting the hand that feeds them here. A romantic comedy that sounds borderline misogynist? And doesn't come stuffed to the gills with farts, poop and boner gags? Who on Earth do they think wants that? It had better be good.

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