Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Jack White's Coke Jingle On A Nagi Noda Ad

Courtesy of a recent YouTube posting, here's the Coca Cola commercial Nagi Noda ripped off from her own music video work - and below it, the music video she cannibalised. She did a better job on pass two, though you might agree that the very end of the music video is worth waiting for/skipping to once you've got the basic idea.

Jack White wrote the new Coke jingle you will hear here, and that has garnered most of the ad's attention, but if you ask me, the spot is better to look at than it is to listen to.

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shepard said...

sure enough cannibalized to death. and it's a pretty lame tune. I have been trying to get Arthur Lee (LOVE) to seek commercials w/ some of his songs, and had suggested LA CALOCA as a perfect Coca Cola offering, the greatest song too. And Jack White just keeps poppin up every where next to him on the page in Mojo May 2006, there's the NME interview Jack White did w/ Arthur 2003

anyway Coke should really do LA COLOCA campaign, he really needs the $$ w/ AML & bone marrow transplants and all...