Friday, April 28, 2006

Joe Cornish On Ant Man Duty

Joe Cornish, of Adam and Joe, is co-scripting Edgar Wright's upcoming Ant Man movie with the director. A few trades nodded the story out, and Superhero hype also managed to drop the fact, but casually, and lost in a considerably less interesting piece about Jon Favreau.

If you have the Shaun of the Dead DVD - at least the R2 PAL one - then you can see Joe spending some time on set, getting under feet but having fun. His TV partner Adam Buxton can be seen in one of the Hot Fuzz videoblogs, but it is doubtful he is appearing in the film, it being rather more likely that he was just... well, getting under feet and having fun.

It seems likely that Ant Man will be Wright's next movie after Hot Fuzz, with shooting on Scott Pilgrim delayed until 2007. Them, from the Jon Ronson book, appears to be pretty much up in the air, and frankly, I don't know where it fits into the scheme of things.

If whispers are to be believed, Working Title are expecting their next movie from Edgar - again written with Simon Pegg, but currently only at a pitch-come-treatment stage - to go before cameras in early 2008. Personally, I don't believe these whispers, but you there, the whisperer, thanks for taking the time to whisper to me anyway.

The next Edgar Wright project to see the light of day will be a fake trailer in the middle of Grind House. Hot Fuzz follows next February, at least in the UK and most likely also in the US, where it is now expected to launch with little delay.

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