Friday, April 14, 2006

See Naomi Campbell And John Malkovich Do Horror

Antoine Fuqua spat out Training Day, Replacement Killers, King Arthur and now, The Call - a short horror film with Naomi Campbell and John Malkovich.

It was made to promote Pirelli, and can be seen online at the new Pirelli Film site.

Unfortunately, the film is actually rather awful, so only bother with it if you really can't resist the madness of Malko, or seeing Naomi Campbell as a naked demon that possesses a car. And I don't mean owns one, either.

Is the whole thing one big joke? Seems like it - just not a funny one.

I like the idea of short films being used as promotional tools, I really do, but I wish the quality of the films was higher. I've had five ideas for much better Pirelli promotional films in the time its taken me to write this post, and they'd be cheaper and be better made, if left up to me also.

A good commercial is a beautiful thing. And a rare one too.

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