Monday, April 03, 2006

Shaun Of The Dead Goes Mobile

While we wait for Hot Fuzz, we'll need distractions. I've got my Nintendo DS, but the less discerning of us might want to revisit The Winchester in the semi-nifty Shaun of the Dead zombie-slaying game, available only in Europe for 3G mobile phones.

Its hardly Super Mario Kart, but it is Shaun, and there's not many videogame concepts that could compete with smacking down the undead with a deftly tossed LP record or two.

The fun of this game is best thought of as like the fun you had playing some ropy Return of the Jedi game on your ZX Spectrum - it won't last long, and it isn't very deep, but there's something satisfying about stepping into a universe you love so much, however much it taxes your imagination.

Good news for the totally obsessive: the game can be played one handed without any unfair handicap.

I'll get a full review up as soon as I can.

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