Monday, April 24, 2006

Spider-Man 3 Is Filming In Cleveland

This week, Spider-Man 3 is filming in Cleveland. The second unit shoot is covering just one part of a major action sequence.

Essentially, the scene deals with traffic mayhem after the Sandman, played by Thomas Haden Church, steals an armoured car. His means of hijacking are rather idisosyncratic - he turns himself into sand and pours into the vehicle. He may or may not be seen on top of the vehicle before he pours in - this has not been filmed, yet, but there has been much gossip about it. Either way, it wouldn't be Mr. Church, but a stunt double, so star-spotters beware.

As a direct result of this hijack/the Sandman's bad driving, three taxis have a little bit of a collision. This has already been filmed. More cars will be shown as the
armoured car continues on it's way along the stretch of road, and, doubtlessly, more of them will hit each other.

A number of girls-walking-dogs have been cast, just as extras, but expect to see a startled pup or two. An earlier report suggested that a tank would come and crush cars in the sequence, but its now known that, in fact, it was to be the armoured car, and not trundling over cars but smashing into them.

On Tuesday of this week, the stuntman in the Spider-costume will be showing up on set, reportedly for the first time. By my reckoning, that means the picture of a squatting, black-suited Spidey that Superherohype and countless other sites - including this one - ran just a couple of days back was a fake.

In charge of the shoot is Dan Bradley, who also shot second unit on
Spider-Man 2, Seabiscuit, Three Kings and Adaptation as well as, er, the Dukes of Hazzard movie. He twice won World Stunt Awards for best 2nd unit director, on The Bourne Supremacy and Swordfish. I think he's pretty good at his job.

More as the week goes on, of course.

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