Sunday, April 30, 2006

Superman Flies Over The Death Star

Aint It Cool are hosting an Australian Coke ad that features some Superman Returns footage. At the speed he is flying, and with the overcast weather in metropolis that day, I'll be danged if it don't look like he's whizzing up a trench on the Death Star.

Well, a bit.

Singer told the world that the film's primary aesthetic would be like Hitchcock's Rebecca, but in colour. Sounds perfect - but I don't see it in these clips.

Look at the ad. Intercutting the city shots with the airplane rescue might be just an accident, meaningless, but it might also have been an arch piece of manipulation. Either way, Singer and his writers have, apparently, been quite sure to take a "post 9/11" stance with this film.

Whatever a "post 9/11" stance is.

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Mark said...

At one point, I was sure this movie was going to be a dud, but I've gradually changed my mind: it should be at least the artistic and financial success that BATMAN BEGINS was. And yes, an eventual Batman/Superman film bringing together the two franchises would be the dog's bollocks.