Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wes Craven And Michael J. Bassett Set To Collaborate On Hills Have Eyes Sequel

Wes Craven and his son Jonathan are currently working on a sequel script designed to follow on from Alexandre Aja's The Hills Have Eyes remake. As the studio want to get the movie out pretty much exactly one year on from the last, the Cravens have to turn their script in within just weeks. Fingers crossed for them.

Aja has an incredibly loaded slate - The Waiting, Black Hole and a remake of the awful Korean schlocker Into the Mirror are all on the cards - so Craven and his co-producers have tapped Michael J. Bassett to direct. Bassett's current feature, Wilderness, has been gathering great word of mouth on the festival circuit, and has much in common with the various Hills films - which makes his election both apt and disappointing.

Fangoria have all the juice.

At a slower, probably healthier pace, Craven is writing another script. This is one he intends to direct himself, most likely next year. A high-school set thriller that exploits fears of surveillance technology, it is called, appropriately enough, Bug might well tap into (ahem) the Pelicano fever.

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