Thursday, June 22, 2006

More Lord

New DVD releases for The Lord of the Rings trilogy on the cards?

Is this real? Really real? Well, that's the covers, up there, allegedly. Look plausible.

I am doubtful that the details given can be correct - the extended versions crammed onto single discs? That would give the bit rate a wallop strong enough to noticeably drop picture quality. The Costa Botes documentaries do seem fairly probable for a future release, though.

Maybe they are set for HD-DVD and/or Blu-Ray?


Mark said...

Yeah, that's great: but have you SEEN the teaser for Spidey 3?! I always hated that dopey "Venom" crap in the comics, yet Raimi somehow makes it work!

Chip Chief said...

i have read that this is legit. I guess there is rrom for the branching version as long as there are no extra commentary tracks. still, you have to figure the bitrate has to suffer some. right?

Brendon said...

Yeah, so they are doing it, and to hell with the overall picture quality. It's going to take a hit.

Maybe worth waiting for the next-format wars to be won by Blu-Ray then buying these in their next iteration?