Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Buffy Returns

Entertainment Weekly, I love you. I used to love Heat, but it went down hill.


EW scored this, the cover of the first issue of Joss Whedon's upcoming Buffy comic book. This one is set after the show's seventh, final season, but not as far afterwards as Fray, which was all about a 24th century Slayer.

There's more back at EW's Popwatch, including this comment from Jasper, who is clearly a fan - "Being a proud white man, I jumped for joy; then as a proud gayboy, I clicked my heels! Joss, you're the man!"


Mark said...

Wasn't it FREY not FURY?

Never read it myself. Did read first "year" of ASTONISHING, though. Heavily padded.

Brendon said...

FREY? Yes, I believe it was. Let me edit.

I quite liked the Astonishing. Padded? Maybe. Not heavily though, surely?

Mark said...

Thirty years ago, those 12 issues of plot could've been fitted into two: one issue to bring back Colossus, one issue to fight the Danger Room. I don't particularly blame Whedon: all Marvel comics seem to come under the same edict - pitch your idea then make it work over six issues, for collection as a trade paperback.

That said, the "Danger" arc was so ropey I got the feeling it might have been ghost-written in places.