Friday, July 21, 2006

Forget Spider-Man 4

A new article in USA Today has punctured my fragile helium balloon of hope and left everybody in the room with a creepy, squeaky voice.

From what they quote Tobey Maguie as saying it really doesn't sound like he's too keen on a Spider-Man 4. That makes one of us.

"We've done an amazing job at keeping things fresh but it's hard to imagine continuously coming up with stories that deserve to be told. I'm not sure if there are more stories for this character that are interesting enough to be excited about doing more."

Reporter Scott Bowles also quotes the producers, but, really, who cares what they have to say? So what if Laura Ziskin says this could be the last? Of course it could.

Roll on tomorrow afternoon and the Comicon panel, Sam Raimi, sneaky peaky footage and all.

1 comment:

Mark said...

I don't think it'd be the end of the world in Maguire and Dunst left the franchise.

Raimi leaving would be a whole other bucket of web fluid.