Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Johnny Boy

One of my favourite bands in years took their name from Mean Streets.

I hate that film.

I was lucky enough to see Johnny Boy a couple of weeks ago at the Luminaire, and they almost made me forget the nightmare journey there and be blind to the nightmare journey back.

Amazon have just two copies of their album - available only in Australia, Japan and Sweden, even though they're British - and I can't afford either of them. Watch the video below and you may well end up buying both.


Mark said...

You hate MEAN STREETS? Woah.

Y'know, BC, I can never tell what side of the critical concensus you're going to take on anything, from one minute to the next. I like that.

That said, the statement begs the question... why? Is it all Scorsese's work you don't like, or just that one movie for a particular reason?

Brendon said...

There's a lot to be said for Kundun but I don't really like any of the other ones. At all.

As for why... I'll tell you what, it isn't a simple answer, so I will take time to write a post and put it up some time soon.