Thursday, July 13, 2006

MBA? That's About As Good As WAG

Nick Roddick in the Evening Standard has today coined a phrase to classify the "older filmgoer", calling them the MBAs. This stands for Movie Buff Adults. Apparently to keep the grown-ups distinct from the MBKs in the whole Movie Buff stakes.

What a ridiculous and pointless article. The low point comes when he namechecks Hoodwinked, a very badly designed CG animation getting dumped on us soon by the Weinsteins, calling it "an adult orientated animation", but finds no space to mention Cars. Or even Princess. Payola?

He does present Tideland positively, though, which is rare, but I'm not sure if he's seen it yet or not. And Volver gets a nod, which I was happy to see, though it probably doesn't need much help with the art-house crowd.

Other recommendations from Mr. Roddick are rather more sigh-inducing, and include Big Fish, by which I think he means Little Fish, which is a shame as Big Fish is an entirely different and better film; Marie Antoinette; Babel and All The King's Men.


Brendon said...

Here, as a postscript, are some of my own suggestions for upcoming films (in the UK at least) to take seriously.

Superman Returns, The Break-Up, Lady in the Water, Pan's Labyrinth, Little Miss Sunshine, Children of Men, Keane, Miss Potter...

I could go on. And I will soon.

Mark said...

Looking forward to A SCANNER DARKLY myself. Sounds like it could be the most faithful adaptation of a Phil Dick novel yet. Not that faithful automatically means good, but, y'know. Here's hoping.