Saturday, July 08, 2006

Special Tideland Screenings

To celebrate, and promote, the UK release of Tideland, there are a number of special screenings and appearances by director Terry Gilliam scheduled.

On Saturday August 5th, Mr. Gilliam will be at Forbidden Planet on London's Shaftesbury Avenue. He'll be signing posters and books. I expect I'll be there. It all kicks off at 1pm, but arrive just a little before to be in with a chance of making it through the queue in a reasonable, timely manner.

On Tuesday August 8th, Tideland will be screening at the Manchester Cornerhouse. Terry will be present once again, and will take part in a Q&A after the screening. Don't be dull and ask what the budget was, or how long the shoot was, or any of that crap.

Same drill, film followed by Q&A, on Thursday August 10th at the Curzon Soho - back down in old London town. And then, that Sunday - August 13th, Tideland gets another screening, this time in a double bill of terry's work - other film to be announced. He won't be present on the Sunday.

On 16th July, the film premieres, UK-wise, at the Cambridge film festival. Terry will be there, and so will I.

Book your tickets now. Make this film the success it needs to be.

If anybody knows of any further Tideland screenings or related special events, please let me know and I'll plug them everywhere I can.

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Rich Johnston said...

Just bought three tickets for the Curzon Q&A. One for you, Brendon. Not only was I the first to buy them, but they had to open a special category just to let me. They asked where I found out about it. I told them.

Mark, (the third of our party) almost ran over Terry with his bicycle the other day. He might ask Terry a question about it.