Monday, July 17, 2006

Wayans Bros. Versus Warner Bros.

Over at Cartoon Brew, Art Bininger has noted some of the similarities between Little Man, the new Wayans' Bros 'comedy' and Baby Buggy Bunny, a classic Chuck Jones cartoon from 1954 in which Baby Face Finster hides out as a babe in Bugs' warren.

If you can point out any more, send them my way.

Here's Art's little list of undeniable steals:

1. The couple discovering a military tattoo on the tyke.

2. John Witherspoon ("Pops") giving the "baby" the old "upsy daisy" against the ceiling.

3. The lights-out gag, where little Calvin clubs a henchman (in cartoonish silhouette) every time the lights are turned off. The henchman then leans over the sleeping baby, says "Click" and gets whomped again.

I stayed through the closing credits, hoping that maybe there would be a reference to Chuck Jones or Michael Maltese but no such luck.

Another crime against cinema, courtesy of those neverendingly underambitious Wayans.


Scott Weinberg said...

Wow. And I thought they were stealing just the basic concept.

I can't believe they even cribbed the "lights out" gag. That's pretty freaking shameless, and doubly so if the Looney Tunes creators didn't receive any sort of credit...

Kyle said...

I haven't seen the movie, but I did notice that the TV commercial shows a scene of the little guy standing on a stool, shaving, and smoking a cigar. Isn't that an image directly from the WB cartoon?