Thursday, August 31, 2006

Beautiful Hot Fuzz Image

[EDIT: After you read this post, check out our other Hot Fuzz coverage, including plenty more stills, cast and plot info, and plenty more...]

This last Sunday, I was at the Zone Horror Frightfest, dahn Lahndan, when I saw Edgar Wright scuttling discretely down the steps in the Odeon Leicester Square. Knowing that the first released scene from Shaun of the Dead had been been premiered at Frightfest some three years ago, I expected that something similar was about to happen.

I asked Edgar if he was there on work or pleasure and he said "I'm just here to enjoy the films... or am I?", with the appropriate Vic & Bob derived wipe of a hand across his face.

No surprise then that we were treated to two Hot Fuzz trailers in the next screening - the incredible one on official release, and the even more incredible upcoming one, featuring the short-cut sequence in which Pegg comes on like Tony Jaa over a series of garden fences.

Bargain. I was only expecting to see The Lost (which, after ten minutes, wasn't much good at all).

Anyway, that's all there is to the story - apart fromt he bit where I talked to Derren Brown in the foyer - but I hope you enjoy the big Hot Fuzz still I'm sharing with you now. Click on it to make it larger.


Mark said...

Every SPACED cadet must have the horn after seeing that pic. Pegg! Frost! Prop guns! No oregano in shot!

Donnyph said...

What will be the story of hot fuzz ??