Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Conan O'Brien On The Charlie Rose Show

Here's a full hour of Charlie Rose interviewing Conan O'Brien, recorded prior to Conan's hosting of The Emmy Awards (where My Name Is Earl rightly scooped best comedy writing and directing, though The Office - presumably on the strength of its cast, or maybe, editing, production design or make-up, won best comedy show).

Conan has produced the new show Andy Barker P.I, starring Andy Richter, one time controller of the universe, and my most anticipated new series of the US Networks' Autumn season.

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jason said...

Saw the Charlie Rose when it aired. Kind of depressing. Conan has apparently realized that his show has become formulaic, and expressed some frustration with his perpetually teenaged fanbase.

He didn't seem to be looking forward to hosting the Tonight Show; in fact, he really didn't seem too pleased to have his whole future so rigidly planned out.

He seemed defeated. Can't blame him, really.