Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cruise And Co Give Paramount Some Backchat

Variety have some key info on the Paramount/Cruise-Wagner divorce.

Crucially, Wagner has claimed that Cruise called the deal off, not Viacom. Last week, a lower-value deal was offered and Cruise decided not to accept it. That's key, and I believe it shows either a) self respect or b) arrogance. Let's go with a) and give the Cruiser the benefit of the doubt.

The article also indicates that Cruise-Wagner projects resulted in a full 15% of Paramount's profit over the last ten years, rising to 32% over the last six years and really, that can't be sniffed at.

Cruise's agents - one of whom is married to Paula Wagner - are quoted as denouncing Viacom CEO Redstone's comments about Cruise as "shockingly offensive and graceless."

Cruise is, of course, just days from bouncing back. He has already selected his next acting role and is currently in neogtiations with another, as yet unnamed studio.

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