Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Death Proof Filming Report

Courtesy of the Grind House messageboard, here's the first Death Proof set report I've caught wind of.

The set was very busy and several QT fans were watching him work in the lot. He wore his grindhouse t-shirt which was the AC/DC logo on the front except instead of AC/DC it says RR/QT.

There were only three actors on set today. They were Vanessa Ferlito, Jordan Ladd, and Sydney Poitier. They all looked AMAZING. Very sexy yet bad ass looking. short shorts! They drove a red honda civic hatchback with several humorous bumper stickers. a few of them referenced Jungle Julia. Jordan was in the drivers seat, Vanessa in the passenger and Sydney was laid out in the back with her feet hanging out the window. everything seemed to go really well with no major problems. the crew seem extremely on point and efficient.

Tomorrow (today) they are shooting more driving scenes but this time with a different car. one of the new mustang GTOs i think. bright yellow.

I did a double take at the Sydney Poitier reference too, and then remembered what's what - this is the daughter of the Oscar winner, not the man himself.

Expect to see Grind House - all three and a half hours of it - next April.

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