Thursday, August 31, 2006

Eve Loves Pork Chops

These are some "viral marketing tools" created for film ick by Sledge of Eve Loves Pork Chops. Assuming that's around 2p worth of ink used there, it looks like we're now £20.02 over the marketing budget for the month.

They've gone out into the world via the drinking holes of Cardiff, but where they'll end up is anybody's guess. If you get one, send it to me and I'll give you a mention. And yes, I am aware that you could fake it by making your own end and sending that in - but I'll turn a blind eye, just this once.


sledge said...

Awesome !
I also do sticky labels for post boxes and phone booths !
Very interested in seeing Hot Fuzz by the way ...

sledge said...
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