Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Gizza Job

Creative young man with passion for cinema seeks gainful employment.

I'm looking for work. There's a lot I can do - I've written and directed plenty, and want to write and direct more (are you listening, agents and producers?) but other than that, I do fancy a year or five in the videogame industry perhaps, so I can bring my skills to bear in a new way. I did work in videogame QA for a while but game design, even level design, is very tempting to me right now.

I've been writing film ick for a good while now, and I've written for plenty of other places too. That's always fun - and grammatically speaking, I'd be on better behaviour if writing for somebody else. I'd even go so far as to invest in one of those house sized style guides, not just a flimsy pamphlett like the ones I usually ignore.

I programmed for an independent cinema before and that was incredible. Doing that again would be a thrill. For a while I was very close to running my own but it wasn't to be, what with curses, jinxes and those darn factors outside of my control - it's a conspiracy, I tell you.

Right now, this second, I'm looking for a great job. Basically, I'm just looking for something I'd believe in. If you've read this blog at all you'll have some idea what that is.

Anybody going to make me an offer? I'd love to speak to you and show you how I could be of use to you/your company.

Drop me a line.

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