Wednesday, August 16, 2006

HD-DVD Has It's Day

Seems like October 24th is an exceptionally good day for early-ish adopters of the HD-DVD format.

That's the day that Out of Sight, Spartacus, The Thing and Twelve Monkeys are all being released in the US. Four great, great films and not one of them priced at over 30 dollars.

Of course, October 24th 2007 is scheduled to be a very bad day for HD-DVD early adopters, as they celebrate the first anniversary of such a wonderful spending spree by looking backk and wondering "Where did it all go wrong? At which moment in time did the HD-DVD format die, leaving me with hundreds of dollars of obsolete silicon?"

Because, face it, we all know that Blu-Ray is going to win, in the end.


Jiffy said...

Here Here!

Its pretty shocking really... particularly when you see how much the big movie studios have gotten behind blu ray -

"Seven of the eight major movie studios have already announced titles for Blu-ray, including Warner, Paramount, Fox, Disney, Sony, MGM and Lionsgate. The initial line-up is expected to consist of over 100 titles and include recent hits as well as classics such as Batman Begins, Desperado, Fantastic Four, Fifth Element, Hero, Ice Age, Kill Bill, Lethal Weapon, Mission Impossible, Ocean's Twelve, Pirates of the Caribbean, Reservoir Dogs, Robocop, and The Matrix."

All you'll need is a Playstation 3, and you'll have a blu ray player, a media center, and up to 7.1 surround sound through HDMI at 1080p resolution!

HD DVD indeed...


Brendon said...

Sure, but you'll have a Playstation 3 too and... well, I'm not exactly a massive fan of the Playstation series.

I'll be going for the Wii and a stand alone Blu-Ray player, I think.

Corvus said...

Don't rule out HD-DVD just yet. Sony hasn't done so well maintaining the dominance of their proprietary formats in the past. Betamax, MiniDisc, HiFD, SDDS, and most recently UMD. Compared to their overwhelming successes (3.5" floppies and Digital 8, for example), it's a pretty large list.

I look at it this way - When parents go to buy a PS3 this Christmas and find them out of stock, an XBOX 360 bundle with the new HD-DVD player will be widely available. Don't get me wrong, I'm no big fan of either Sony or MS, but I know that the success of a format is determined almost exclusively by market factors. And market factors may not be so good for Sony in the long term.

Regardless, I'm holding off on any high def DVD purchases for at least a year.

Jiffy said...


There's no way I'm gonna buy all my dvd's in ANY other format!

There should be an owners upgrade sponsored by the movie studios :)