Thursday, August 24, 2006

Nightmare Before Christmas Redux Poster Redux

Trust me - that title does make sense once you know what I'm going on about here.

Some weeks back, a poster appeared for the 3D reissue of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Then, very quickly, it was pulled. Of course, it's still here, on film ick.

The poster above is the new version. What's the difference? Well, a few small details, mainly in colour, contrast and so on, ar all that I can see. There's a discussion waging online, however, that the old version contained some kind of rudy sexual reference, now deleted. Can you spot it? If so, please explain to me where it is and what it is - I'm feeling left out.

1 comment:

Brendon said...

It's the glasses. They used to have the Chicken Little green ones - of which I have a couple of pairs - and now, they have cooler, Nightmare-fan-friendlier models on.