Wednesday, August 02, 2006

R1 Break-Up DVD A Disappointment?

According to Universal Studios Home Entertainment, the upcoming R1 DVD of The Break-Up will include an alternative ending. As previously covered here, Peyton Reed was pushed into altering the film's wrap-up when test audiences reacted badly to Jennifer Aniston being left unloved and single - boo hoo. Thankfully, the new ending wasn't too bad, just hinting at "happy possibilities" - but all the same, it wasn't the director's preferred ending. I had been hoping that the DVD would include a director's cut, not just a free-floating, possibly unpolished rough of the alternative conclusion.

They've not yet announced a commentary track, but the specs aren't yet complete, so there's hope there, at least. Reed's tracks on Bring It On and Down With Love were both well worth a listen.

A HD-DVD/standard DVD dual-disc is also planned, following that other underrated Anistom rom-com, Rumor Has It.

Oh - and for the record, I don't much care for Jennifer Aniston. It might be looking like I'm a fan or something, but very often, she's left me cold.

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Mark said...

I was just hoping for the uncut version of her bare-assed streak in the movie.