Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Thirdhand Story About Secondhand Secondhand Lions

I read on Cinematical - who linked Broadway World as their source - that Tim McCanlies' Secondhand Lions is to be turned into a musical. New Line, please - put a cork in it.

The original film is somewhat underrated - a Big Fish-y yarn from the screenwriter of The Iron Giant that has some beautiful, poingnant references to Calvin and Hobbes included could be nothing but a best-kept-secret kinda film - though, perhaps, the inevitable "not as good as the film" comparisons will do it some favours in the coming years.

The show's credits are somewhat worrying* - the composer and lyricist team have contributed to the direct-to-DVD Cinderella 2: Dreams Come True and another spin on Cinders, Twice Charmed, which, I believe, has been performed only to the oh-so-discerning audiences that populate the Disney cruise liner.

*or, to put it another way, absolutely terrifying.

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