Friday, August 04, 2006

What Now For Apocalypto?

Is Mel Gibson's Apocalypto ready to be unleashed? Perhaps a rush release would be sensible, in order to ride the publicity. He isn't going to be "forgiven" any time soon, so waiting for this to all "die down" might be impossible.

Or am I missing the point? Maybe his anti-semitic rants wouldn't harm the film at all, anyway. The Passion of the Christ seemed to fly high enough despite actually containing anti-semitic material.

There are four pages online, coming from a once-suppressed, censored police report on Mel's bad behaviour. Shocking reading.


Mark said...

Hhmm. Wondering, rhetorically, out loud if this'd help or hinder my showbiz pal Brendan McCarthy get MAD MAX 4 produced.

And reading the transcripts of Mel giving female cops a hard time ("sugartits" and all that), is it just me, or does anyone else hear Gibson "doing" Lethal Weapon's Martin Riggs in their head?

Brendon said...

So, Disney are releasing Apocalypto anyways. Oh hurrah.

I bet it isn't any good.