Monday, September 04, 2006

iKlipz Scoring Some Nifty Exclusives

The new trailer for Killshot - the Elmore Leonard adaptation directed by John Madden and starring Diane Lane, Thomas Jane, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Mickey Rourke - is now up on iKlipz.

iKlipz is, if you didn't know, a kind of My Space for filmmakers. As of tomorrow, Tuesday 5th September, and for the first time ever, they will be making one of their member's films a much heralded front page feature as undergoes transformation into an "industry film". This is an honour for the wee movie, as it hasn't happened to any others before and it is happening because the film is well viewed and well rated enough that the iKlipz crew took a special look at it, liked what they saw and decided to make a fuss of it.

The film is called John vs Laura, and it was directed by me, and yes, I feel rather proud that iKlipz are honouring my film in this way.

I think we can look forward to more exclusive trailers from iKlipz as the site goes from strength to strength.

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