Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ruby Tuesday

I read on Cartoon Brew that twin brothers Paul and Gaetan Brizzi have struck a deal to make Ruby Tuesday, an animated film featuring twelve songs by The Rolling Stones. At last, a Yellow Submarine for the other faction (who are about to score again with Across The Universe).

The Brizzis attempted to make an animated Don Quixote, but just like everybody else who ever tried to bring that story to the big screen, ultimately failed.

Luc Besson is producing Ruby Tuesday and will eventually distribute it though EuropaCorp.

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Mark said...

I'm a huge fan of the Stones. I reckon the period from Beggar's Banquet to Exile On Main Street is a period of prolonged excellence few others in the rock'n'roll era equalled.

But an animated movie? Called Ruby Tuesday? C'mon, that's not very Keith Richards and Charlie Watts, is it? Unless Ruby is a cute, animated nympho skaghead.