Monday, October 30, 2006

Diary Of The Dead Set Report From Fangoria

Romero is 'already spleen-deep in the thick of a four-week shooting schedule' for Diary of the Dead. What's not to like about that announcement?

Fangoria have the first set report. It's exciting stuff. And what about those Blair Witch comparisons that dogged the script?

Romero said “It’s not Blair Witch and my style is not Blair Witch, and its not a purely visceral thing. My style is arch and theatrical, where Blair Witch went for ultra-realism. Even though it is shot first-person, I’m trying to maintain the artifice and make some potent comments about the observer - while still supplying lots of nasty zombie stuff.”


Anonymous said...

Hi! Your link is broken!

Brendon said...

Sorry about that. Fixed now.