Sunday, October 22, 2006

Diggle It, Just A Little Bit

Virgin Comics aren't being very discriminating, it seems. They have some John Woo-created comics coming, and as reported here last month, a good chance of some Terry Gilliam titles. On the other hand, however, there's something "from" Guy Ritchie on the cards too.

And thanks to his blog, I now know that Andy Diggle is the man writing the title for Ritchie - who, I assume, will be too busy trying to prove he's a decent adoptive father over his eighteen month Baby David probation period to bother with anything so low profile or low paying as a comic book. Is this thing spun out of a movie idea that Ritchie couldn't work out how to develop? Or did he deign to concoct an original concept?

Who cares. Here's the news: the series will run to ten issues, be called The Gamekeeper and be illustrated by Mukesh Singh. According to Diggle, the premise introduces us to "a killer who's more in touch with the natural world than he is with his own humanity."

If you want to know more, Diggle promises he'll spill some good stuff in an upcoming interview with Comic Book Resources.

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Mark said...

This, and "John Woo"'s series for Virgin, remind me of the business model behind defunct publisher Tekno Comix/Big Entertainment, i.e. a line of comics featuring big name frontmen who actually do little or no work other than a high concept, while hired hands produce the actual comic.

At least hiring good craftsmen like Ennis and Diggle shows Virgin care about the finished product more than Tekno did. Behind some nice covers, their books were generally atrocious.