Monday, October 23, 2006

Suburbicon Gone, Hail Caesar Halted

I did write a nice long post about how George Clooney is reteaming with the Coens but then, somehow, cyberspace swallowed it whole.

Suffice to say, Clooney is reteaming with the Coens. You can read about it just about everywhere else online, so I needn't go into too much detail. It's not on the previously mentioned Suburbicon, nor the touted conclusion to their "Idiot Trilogy", Hail Caesar (neither of which necessarily existed in any real sense, anyway - I just don't trust those Coens and suspect there's a lot of lying going on whenever they open their mouths) but on Burn Before Reading. It's a literary adaptain, just like No Country For Old Men, so you can excuse my deleted post's wondering whether or not Joel and Ethan were losing their steam.

I did say how Clooney was going to play an assassin who 'hits' anybody who reads the top-secret secrets on a misplaced floppy disc in my lost post, and made a few quips about floppy discs that fans of Amateur might have been apalled by - but it's gone now, so no need to worry.

I speculate that the film will have a late twist in which the file on the disc is revealed to be harmless and all of the killing was truly for nothing - anybody know book and care to confirm or deny this?

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