Monday, October 30, 2006

Terry Gilliam And Gorillaz - Dream Team?

Potentially very exciting, this.

According to Damon Albarn (one time Blur frontman, sometime 'actor'), there might not be any more albums from his virtual band Gorillaz, but there is going to be a tie-in movie - and Terry Gilliam is 'involved'.

how, I don't know, but I dare say this might be the "I can do it in six weeks, just knock it out" project Gilliam has mentioned in recent interviews. He suggested this quick and easy film had a script by an unknown writer, and I guess that could be Jaime Hewlett, Gorrilaz co-creator, or mayb even Albarn himself.

Jeez - if it's one of them, I hope it's Hewlett.

Well, Terry wouldn't do it if the script wasn't right, I'm sure. Worst case scenario he'd get Tony Grisoni in for a rewrite, like The Brothers Grimm - which you might knock now but will be heralding as a minor classic in years to come. The lightest of Gilliam's films? Maybe, but that's hardly a criticism, is it?

Here's a page from an interview with Albarn which you can click upon to enlarge. The Gilliam quote comes very near the end. I hope you will join me in hoping that Albarn wasn't speaking out of his wrong end.

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1 comment:

Mark said...

I'd rather someone gave Hewlett the money and let him write and direct it himself.