Sunday, October 29, 2006

Zack Snyder's Cobalt-60? Don't Speak Too Soon

According to Mark Bodé - quoted at Cinescape - the recent announcements about Zack Snyder directing an adaptation of Cobalt-60 are somewhat premature. I think Mark would know - his dad Vaughn created the series, he did the artwork for it's revival series, and I suppose he has some claim on the copyright.

Theory time: Universal may just have leaked the info to test public reaction before shelling out for an option, or maybe somebody just got loose lipped while negotiations were ongoing. Either way, no ink has been spread yet, which is probably good news for those waiting patiently for Snyder to get going on his big-screen

There's another possibility, though highly unlikely in this litigous age: another
Bodé strip, Cheech Wizard was simply ripped off, unlicensed, for a feature film - namely, Ralph Bakshi's Wizards. I think, truth be told, that I prefer Bakshi's film to the original strips.

What few real Cobalt-60 fans survived the 60s shouldn't be too down though - you can see something of a Cobalt-60 short film online right now, adapting some original Vaughn
Bodé pages very faithfully.

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Mark said...

Didn't know about that familial connection. That goes a long way to explaining some of Snyder's sensibilities.