Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bacon, Bana And Hurt In Pullman Adaptation: Who Are They Playing?

In a recent interview, ostensibly about Casino Royale, Eva Green let slip that Eric Bana, John Hurt and Kevin Bacon have roles in The Golden Compass... or did she?

Could it be that one of them is playing the duel role of Sir Charles Latrom/John Boreal and another John Parry? Maybe - particularly as scenes from The Subtle Knife seem to be shooting already.

Another explanation, of course, is that they provide voices, for Daemons or for bears. This would seem considerably less intrusive than on screen cameos.

And yet another explanation would be that their characters appear in Pullman's forthcoming The Book of Dust. It seems that this tie-in title will feature sub-stories that take place before, in, around and after the continuity of the three main His Dark Materials novels, and it is entirely possible some sequences in the films will be derived from this new source. This is a very interesting proposition as it may well explain the shooting of 'real world' Oxford scenes that have been going on this week.

I don't know the answer, of course, but I'm certainly interested to find out.

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C. said...

It could also be that it's just an old interview that has only now been published. I think it was also mentioned in that interview that The Golden Compass was going to be shot this autumn, which is a bit strange as they have been filming since september.
The fact that Eric Bana was a strong contender for the part of Lord Asriel also supports the idea that it's just been lying on the shelf for a while.