Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Boat That Rocked

Empire have scored the exclusive news on Richard Curtis' next film. Called The Boat That Rocked, Curtis has described it as "Animal House meets Titanic" which sounds, if you think about it, quite brilliant. If Titanic needed a strong shot of something - and it certainly did - it's something Animal House wasn't short on. "Spunk", maybe.

The plot is about a radio station broadcasting from a boat - so, Radio Caroline essentially. The Animal House comment suggests that this will be a period film so maybe this will literally be about Radio Caroline, possibly in it's 60s heyday. Can I make a cameo as Spangles Muldoon, Richard?

I'm a big fan of Curtis' largely because he structures his films - not to mention the jokes and scenes within them - really rather brilliantly. I know a lot of people knock him, but their arguments really tend to be quite flimsy.

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Anonymous said...

I love spunk. Can't get enough of the stuff!