Monday, November 13, 2006

Bond 22 Quitting Blighty?

Michael G. Wilson has given an interview in which he shows doubt over the prospect of Bond 22 being shot in the UK. What are they thinking? Vancouver? Oz?

They really don't give a hoot for Bond tradition any more, do they? A Bond that doesn't care if his Martini comes shaken or stirred, that has blonde hair, that cares for women but doesn't mind breaking noses and now... his further adventures might not even be shot on the world famous Bond stage.

Well, what's it really matter, eh? Cue tirades from the UK unions trying to prevent all of those crew hours vanishing into a puff of smoke...

I'm all for the trades being unionised, of course I am, that's not my gripe here - but if a film can be made more cost effectively elsewhere... well, that's less money being poured down the drain just so we can all see a chap in a tuxedo wave a Walther PPK about. Can't be a bad thing, can it?

Bagsy naming rights on the Bond stage when they decide to rechristen it in a proud huff.

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