Monday, November 27, 2006

Bruce Campbell Cast In Equalizer Redux

A new TV pilot starts shooting this week, and if you ask me, it sounds a lot like with just a dash of The EqualizerThe A-Team. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Burn Notice is about a Special Ops agent who gets black listed (that is, receives the titular notice) then becomes some kind of vigilante, helping 'those who can't go to the police'.

The lead is to be played by Jeffrey Donovan, and Bruce Campbell has been cast as an old friend of his. Campbell as the sidekick: cult success assured. Gabrielle Anwar plays the love interest, Sharon Gless the chain-smoking mother who 'has issues with her son'.

Something tells me that mummy will turn out to be more than she seems - at least if the show ever lasts long enough to pull a backlip over a shark.

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