Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Disney Starting Own Videogame Company - But Just For Nintendo Consoles

According to Bloomberg, Disney are to set up a Nintendo-biased videogame studio of their very own. It's going to be called Fall Line, for some reason I can't quite fathom, and the man in charge will be Scott Novis. This is important as Novis is the chap who led the team on the Cars movie-to-game adaptation, which has received a fairly warm (but not glowing) reception from the gaming mags and blogs.

Fall Line won't be catering for Microsoft or Sony consoles, keeping their projects to Nintendo's Game Boy Advance, DS and Wii. This suits me fine, as I tend to keep myself to those very same pieces of gaming tech too. Or at least I will once I get a Wii. Droool.

Nintendo are the Pixar of the gaming world: forever innovative, technically brilliant, witty and appealing to all ages.

From the Bloomberg piece, I expect that Fall Line's games will generally be quite basic affairs, andaimed at the younger player. They needn't be simplistic at all - a properly designed game can be accessible and satisfying for players of all ages and capabilities. Hopefully they'll get their heads round that idea sooner rather than later.

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