Friday, November 10, 2006

First Full Spider-Man 3 Trailer: What's It All About?

Quite a long time ago, there was a very comprehensive list of Spider-Man 3 spoilers (plus a couple of added extras) published here on film ick. I promised you that I'd keep you up to date with how they fit in with any trailers or clips, and just a few hours ago, the first full Spider-Man 3 trailer was premiered.

Of course, I was sleeping - I'm in England, and I have a day job - but now, I'm awake. Totally awake, in fact, because just the first thirty seconds of this trailer was enough to blast the cobwebs out of my early morning brain.

Let's take a look at a few details in the trailer more closely, and line them up with some of the spoiler information from various old film ick posts. Suffice to say, you read on at your peril.

Early shots of Peter and MJ canoodling in in a web then dropping to the ground? That goes with "Well, the symbiote clings to Peter after a date with MJ - like gum on his shoe to begin with, almost." There's your date.

"For most of the film, Spider-Man is in pursuit of Flint Marko, The Sandman" - yep, and for most of the trailer too.

The "early Green Goblin/Spider-Man show-down" is well represented - Green Goblin, Harry Goblin, Xtreme Harry, Whatever. I told you "Of course, his home isn't quite like everybody else's home so he's collected quite a tasty little arsenal - a big long sword and a shorter one, some pumpkin bombs and the glider" - which you can now see in action. In fact, there's a lovely close-up of the sword in use towards the end of the trailer.

I said "The Venom-Brock does not look exactly like the Venom-Spidey, but more organic, more like the comic book Venom" - which you can see quite clearly in several shots. In fact, the symbiote-enveloped Peter is seen as a 'Black Spider-Man' in any number of seperate images. And it doesn't take too much imagination to see how the following is shown in the trailer: "Brock follows this Venom character to a church bell tower. He's both trying to upstage Peter's coverage in the Bugle, and also twist the knife into Spidey. Here, Peter manages to overcome the symbiote and rip himself free of the suit, but some of it falls onto Brock."

My comments that "Raimi, Sargent and co are using Venom as a dramatic device to show Peter not just giving up on his great responsibility, but getting drunk on his great power" is well demonstrated. I particularly liked the Bugle headline about Spider-Man showing his true colours.

"Spidey's fights with the Sandman not only take place in the Armoured Car chase so well covered on this blog (I was on set for much of the shooting) but also, I am told, in the subway" - and now, there's no doubt about that on either, eh?

As for the Armoured Car Chase - here's a whole string of bits and pieces about that. I was lucky enough to see most of the shots from this sequence that are in the trailer being filmed.

"The Sandman had his sights set on an armoured car, and really, it seems to me that Spider-man shouldn't have intervened, just followed at a safe distance, because in the kerfuffle, the two of them certainly made a lot of mess."

"He gave the Sandman him a good pounding, and as a result he smashed the granulated behemoth right into the cab of the truck, his sandy guts spilling out and burying the driver neck deep - and, of course, they weighied down heavily on the pedal. As a result, the truck shot off, out of control, and movie mayhem ensued."

"The armoured car was out of control. Spidey gave chase by web, of course"

"The armoured car didn't keep a hold of it's back door for the whole chase"

"Other Spidey-tracking shots were filmed by a camera mounted on a motorbike, chasing the armoured car through traffic and weaving across lanes, and they certainly kept up the very kinetic feeling, live-camera styled action of the two previous Spidey flicks"

"Many of the cars on set were dusted down with a sand-like something."

"...Spider-Man hanging onto the back of an armoured car with his webbing. He finds himself having to swerve and avoid cars as he is dragged through speeding traffic. One angle was filmed with Spidey on a towed platform, while the reverse angle of this peered right into the back of the armoured car and was filmed by a camera mounted on a motorbike, weaving across from one lane to the next."

There are A LOT more Spider-Man 3 spoilers here on film ick, and if you click around in the archives you'll find out so much more - such as who lives, who dies, plenty of Venom business, stuff about the ring we keep seeing in the trailer, details of the film's final battle - a real royal rumble if ever there was one - and so much more.

Spider-Man 3 - the best film of 2007? - is with us on May 4th.

[EDIT: Watching the trailer in HD, I just noticed that yes, some of the shots in the trailer DO come from the final square off. Spider-Man, The Sandman, Venom and Harry... and, of course, MJ is there... witness the shot of her in the trailer right before we see Peter with half of his mask ripped off. See the 'Hard Hat Area' sign behind her, on the left? Just as I said... a building site. Anybody who ever doubted a single detail of my report should now be eating plate after plate of humble pie]


Mark said...

Looks okay - the digital stuntmen still look like they could do with a little work.

I've some predictions of my own about this movie - Spider-Man will have his mask pulled/ripped/torn off at every available opportunity; and at some point, MJ will be soaking wet, while wearing something sheer.

Like cobbler's thumbs.

Phillip J. McGarnackle said...

An addition to your spoilers:

I was watching a 'movie previews on demand' channel and watched the original trailer some months ago--in the description it said something to the effect of: "after working on a specimen from the moon, Peter Parker dons a new costume...etc." I don't remember exactly what it said but I do remember it said that Peter was working on a specimen from the moon.

JUST so you know. I don't think an on demand channel would have erroneous information...

B'ckon said...

Doesn't look like Venom will be making a full appearance here yet. Good.

Logan said...

so...a question
remember ,few wekkes ago ,photos of the kickboxing man , the one with one arms .
We had discover that is was playing as a stunt double for Spidey in what semms the Bank Truck Scene.

My question is ... ? why had to choose a stunt double with one arm ?

Brendon said...


So that he can punch with his short arm and the cg extension can be seen going through the sand chest. Basic fx trickery.