Monday, November 13, 2006

Gaiman And Jillette On The Road To Endor

As confirmed on Gaiman's blog, the formerly-secret script he has been working on with Penn Jillette is an adaptation of The Road to Endor by E H Jones (not to be confused with Road to Endor by Esther Barstow Hammand, or, for that matter, that The Road to Endor Star Wars fansite).

Adapting either of the books seemed a likely project for the pair - the book they are adapting details oiuja board fakery and mentalist scams on the battlefields of World War I, the one they are not details the witchcraft trials in Salem. In fact, should Road to Endor ever be headed to the silver screen, perhaps Gaiman and Penn would do the double as, honestly, I can't think of a better pair of writers to tackle it.

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jimmyjampot said...

are you aware that a welsh langeage version of this story was made by Nant films... i designed it. I have two first editions of the book