Monday, November 20, 2006

Gary Graver Has Passed Away

Gary Graver was a long time collaborator of Orson Welles. For many years, he worked with Peter Bogdanovich to try and secure the rights to The Other Side of the Wind, a film that Graver had shot for Welles, in order that they might complete its post production and get it a release. Sadly, this was never to be.

Graver died of cancer on Thursday. The very evening that he died, he watched Touch of Evil, the film that got him so interested in Welles in the first place, before the pair had ever met.

Lately, Graver had come around to at least two towns I was living in to present his own print of Welles' lost Don Quixote. I'm hoping that the film continues its journey, in memory of the two of them.

A memorial service is to be held at The Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.

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