Friday, November 10, 2006

How Now Stephen Chow

What a lovely flying saucer Stephen Chow has had designed for his new film A Hope: Yangtze River Seven. Very Edward D. Wood Junior by way of Jeremy Dyson. If found the still through a series of links beginning over at Twitch.

In other Stephen Chow news, I can reveal just what his next film will be - in, what I believe, is an exclusive for a website based in the West.

Following the space-romance-comedy-family-film seen shooting above, Chow's next project is rumoured to be titled Jump Out. Sounding not unlike any number of American teen films, this will be a rags-to-riches story, charting the rise of a young girl who 'always only ever wanted' to be a dancer. Think Showgirls with less wood.

As in wooden acting, that is. Please.

Sorry to lead you on, but now I have to drop the bombshell: Chow's not directing this film, simply writing and producing. His A Hope star Zhang Yuyi is expected to lead, with Edison Chen and Daniel Wu touted as the love interest.

A film scripted but not directed by Chow is better than a film most films he hasn't had any hand in, however, and Jump Out's young director Stephen Fung has been handpicked by the great man, so expectations run high.

What's the betting this lead girl is shown working as a street vendor at some point? I don't know what it is, but Chow seems to have a special something for street vendor girls. Maybe his Mommy was one.

Expect to see A Hope: Yangtze River Seven in the middle of next year, Jump Out by the end of next autumn.

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