Saturday, November 11, 2006

Joe Dante's Blow Out

Joe Dante is to produce a remake of the French film Écoute le temps, or Fissures, or literally, Listen to Time.

Where the original was written and directed by Alanté Alfandari, Grek Pak is scripting the English language version with Eduardo Rodriguez in the director's chair. Between the two of them they've shown all of the promise implicit in Robot Stories and Cuarandero - not to mention the shorts Super Power Blues and Daughter - but either has yet to really deliver on a big scale.

This might be their chance - but all the same, I have to admit I was bitterly disappointed when I read Dante would produce but not direct. I'd give five of Cuaranderos for one new film directed by Dante.

Fissures appears to be a kind of Blow Out style mystery, in which a sound engineer investigates the murder of her mother by listening to some sound recordings real closely. I also detect shades of Tesis in the (limited) information I have, not to mention The Conversation.

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