Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Josh Tyler At Cinema Blend

[EDIT: Read first my original post, then read on for the latest...]

Josh Tyler at Cinema Blend appears to be stealing stories from
film ick and not crediting the source. This simply isn't on - don't you agree?

[And now the new bit.

Josh has sent me an e-mail in which he promises me that, actually, he hasn't stolen any stories from film ick. Okay, then - let's give him the benefit of the doubt. Looks like we don't have a thief here after all - just a man who trades in stolen goods. I assume he has no idea that they are stolen, either - if he did, he might as well just steal them himself. This makes the identity of our thief a mystery.

What I recommend you do - if you care, which I suspect you don't - is subscribe to both film ick and Cinema Blend through the RSS feeds. You'll soon see the pattern emerging yourself.

Hopefully Josh will see the pattern too - or at least keep an eye open for the coverage here on film ick and credit any tip offs he receives carefully]


Richard Brunton said...

Hey Brendon, I would be interested to know the evidence behind this.

In my years writing on the web I've found Cinema Blend to be one of the few sites on the Internet who really do stick by a code of conduct for themselves. I've found them really open, honest and approachable.

Have you talked to Josh about this at all before putting the story onto your site (and of course auto syndication on BlogDance)?

When I've had issues that I definitely can prove I've contacted the site directly. There are a couple more I haven't been able to prove and I think are reading my site then grabbing the main source without saying that they've read through me and they are more difficult to deal with but I'd always contact them directly rather than naming them like this.

I would be really surprised if this is the case with Josh and CB, I've found them to be very aware of these issues and have a strict operating code themselves.

Brendon said...


I do have evidence - hard evidence. This is my way of confronting Josh - if I speak to him directly, there's nothing to stop him apologising but carrying on. This way he knows that the word is out there and if it still seems he's doing this, people will see for themselves. If he doesn't do it again, then I'm the one with egg on my face, I suppose.

They aren't the only site I have suspected of theft, but Josh is the only person I can definitively point the finger towards. The evidence is pretty overwhelming. The only out he has is that somebody else is stealing my stories then passing them to him as their own - but then, he's not crediting that person either.

My other ploy was to run a completely false story then seize upon Josh when he cloned it, but I didn't think that would be fair to anybody else reading the entires either here or at Cinema Blend.

I've no doubt that Cinema Blend get stolen from too and I'm sure they're frustrated by it as much as I am.