Sunday, November 05, 2006

Malice In Sunderland

According to Production Weekly, Orange County corpse Mischa Barton is to take the lead role in Malice in Sunderland. In case you can't guess, the film will be a 'modern day take on Alice in Wonderland' with young Mischa playing an American student in England who gets hit by a Taxi. Just like happened to me when I got hit by a Taxi, she then imagines herself in a 'macabre underworld'. The more I read of that synopsis, the less curious and curious I became.

Fellows' two most recent films were the Jean-Claude Van Damme vehicles 'Til Death and Second in Command - which might explain why he's signed on the dottted line for Malice.

Recommended Alice in Wonderland films would include: the Disney cartoon; Jonathan Miller's BBC version with Alan Bennet, Leo McKern and Wilfrid Brambell; the silent take from W. W. Young; and Svankmajer's stop-motion infused Alice.

It seems like only last week I was rolling my eyes at Marilyn Manson's desire to update and revive Alice in Wonderland.

Maybe that's because it was.

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